One of dn-a architects latest projects is nearing completion; the part-refurbishment of One Station Square in Bracknell for Brydell Partners.

This innovative Real Estate Investment Group has been looking at a number of developments across the South of England. dn-a are proud to have been working with them for over the past year. Using our expert knowledge of the Thames Valley / Western Corridor we have designed an office space that provides everything that is needed for the modern commercial tenants.

The refurbishment of the seventh floor is nearly complete. This newly refurbished floor offers tenants with far reaching views across the Thames Valley.  The design team has completely removed the dated suspended ceilings; completely exposing the soffit and ‘potted ceiling’. This has increased the ceiling height from 2.3m to 2.7m creating a clean, modern and open feel.

Suspended light-fittings have transformed the space into a well-lit and airy environment. Exposing the soffit provides additional energy saving benefits by exposing the thermal mass of the concrete to improve heating and cooling. This helps create a working environment that enhances business performance and contributes positively to staff satisfaction and engagement.

With fit-out nearing completion this new office space will become one of the most sought after spaces in Bracknell. These changes make One Station Square perfectly suited to the growing, high tech businesses that are being attracted to the Thames Valley