Midshires House is a respected Care Home within the village of Ridding in Derbyshire. Care home buildings such as Midshires House are a very important part of the sustainable functioning of our society.

dn-a were appointed by Croner Management, as masterplanners & architects, to increase the capacity of the existing structures on the site. This includes exploring the possibility of adding an extension to the existing 18th Century Manor House and Coach House. In addition, as part of the brief, dn-a is to design more independent living for those patients who are in transition to recovery and eventually discharge back into the community.

Midshires House Care Home Site View

The proposed development draws inspiration from the existing buildings in a contemporary manner to form a new addition to Midshires House, which has been extensively extended over the years, to accommodate its evolving use throughout its’ history.

A rational and disciplined facade treatment is proposed to compliment and contrast against both its surroundings and existing/historical buildings. The traditional use of brickwork will be accompanied by more contemporary timber cladding to create warm and striking appearance.

Midshires House Care Home Manor House

The Manor House

A new glass link bridge and conservatory will provide access from the old Manor House to the existing unlisted Coach House. The only impact to the elevations of the coach house will be in the north where new provisions of windows are required. The existing conservatory will be replaced with a part single and part double storey glazed link located in the junction between the existing buildings. This conservatory will be the tie between the two existing buildings providing better access and act as a link between the old manor house and new extension. The existing external walls of the coach house will be refitted out to suit the new double storey extension which will have a capacity of 23 rooms in total.

The Greenhouse Building will accommodate 12 residents and is located north of the Manor House building. The building has been designed to fit the existing footprint of the dilapidated greenhouse. The exterior will consist of monolithic brickwork with punch hole windows. This will compliment the first floor which will be entirely clad in timber. A ‘corner’ glazed staff area is located on the first floor adjacent to the staircase leading to the upper floor. A communal area will form the heart of the structure, which will be located within a glass and timber feature lobby which will provide an elegant reception room for this new contemporary structure.

Midshires House Care Home Pool House

The Pool House is located south of the Manor House building within a densely wooded area and it has been designed to house 8 residents. Based over two stories with its footprint respecting the existing dilapidated swimming pool. At the centre of the layout is a communal space with a large transparent staircase to give the communal parts of the building the sense of transparency, increased visibility and potentially for the care home staff to oversee the movement within.

Sustainability is pivotal to the success of this sensitive site. Low environmental impact and recycled materials have been selected for the external cladding and structural elements. A consistent palette of materials throughout the design is key, giving the scheme an aesthetic unity. The material selection has been influenced by the local context in order for the development to blend in with the surrounding buildings, this was essential on this sensitive site.

The overall scheme offers a clean contemporary design which fits beautifully into the surrounding landscape. By sympathetically blending old with new this development will be one of the standout care homes in the region.