The landscaping echoes the riparian character of the River Sands bringing movement and year-round colour throughout the space. The widened and re-aligned footpath that runs to the site generates a meandering route through undulating lawn mounds and groups of birch trees, with curved arrays of grasses and colourful perennials. To promote the establishment of aquatic and marginal species, the canopies of the trees that line the river have been lifted and some of the dense shrubs removed, further enhancing the views to the water from the café.

The landscaped terrace to the west side of the pavilion provides the café users with outside seating, forming a stronger connection to the surrounding environment. The long timber-topped curved bench creates an edge to this terrace area with the gently rolling lawn mounds behind it, allowing for a more informal place to sit, meet and relax.

The Clubhouse is part of a wider masterplan of the area to encourage tenants to engage with the surrounding natural area and benefit from fitness facilities such as a football pitch, tennis courts and a yoga studio. By enhancing tenant wellbeing through these provisions Uxbridge Business Park has become a leader on health and wellbeing in the commercial office sector.