Workplaces are continually evolving. With Hythe House the clients’ aspirations were to create spaces that feature collaboration in a flexible and expressive environment.

Here, successful place making and commercial viability are considered at every scale by dn-a. The latest phase focuses on the reimaging of the ground floor north wing.

We aimed to invert this tired office cellular format by showcasing the front-of-house workplace activity and co-worker interaction. With attentive design connecting people in carefully curated environments.

Arranged over 4500sq ft the space is divided into CAT A and CAT B respectively. Stripped back to structure and upgraded to provide an engineered white box blank canvas ready for someone to put their own stamp on. The transformation of the space planning designed specifically to assist people in their jobs and give a positive boost to the way an organisation operates.

Well-being and the environment are at the heart of this project. Eco-friendly office changes have become an important part of business responsibility and do have a positive effect on the employees and their mindset, their health, and their productiveness.

That said, without materials you don’t have a scheme. Materials have a greater purpose they can transform the experience of being in a building, the sight, sound the smell.

We like to think of CAT B fit as the fun part. Timber, brick, stone, moss, clay, plants – use of natural materials instantly transporting you to natural world. Relationships with outdoor space, wellbeing. Vibrant green zones for touch down huddles, characterful wall art and soft furnishing`s blurring the lines between work, play and home comforts.

dn-a’s refresh has propelled Hythe House forward to become one of the most sought-after inspiring office environments in West London. A space where people can be content, productive and are equipped to perform at their best.