We are pleased to announce that our very own Deren Mustafa has completed her MArch Architect Apprenticeship and has been awarded her Master of Architecture (MArch) with Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Practice RIBA Part III, from London South Bank University and is now set to become a qualified architect. This is an extraordinary achievement for her, and we couldn’t be more thrilled.


With any work placed learning there is always the challenge of managing expectations, both at university and in the workplace. Despite facing this, Deren accomplished her Part III qualification and welcomed the demands set, so that she was able to enhance her time management skills and prepare for real life situations.


“The apprenticeship route ensured that both my professional and academic career were simultaneously developing, allowing me to be in the best possible position when graduating and qualifying as an architect”.

Deren Mustafa


There is great value in real-life experience which can be blended with your education and equally back into your professional work and the apprenticeship route allows you to gain this well-rounded experience. dn-a presented Deren with the opportunity to actively participate in projects of a size where she could find greater exposure and responsibilities, operating as co-lead, where she was able to gain confidence in her own abilities with guidance from the management group.

Like many practices, dn-a runs a weekly open forum/ workshop with all staff, apprentices, and Part 3 students to discuss project and professional queries collectively. This is a real opportunity for both senior and junior staff to engage with those negotiating these workplace studies and equally absorb knowledge or offer advice and expertise.


“At dn-a we embrace every opportunity to assist our colleagues in their professional  development and the apprenticeship scheme has been a huge success for Deren, paving the way for others to follow. Many congratulations Deren.” 

John Duthaler – Director

Generally, our experience of apprenticeship schemes to date has been positive and dn-a is continuing to lead the way in supporting the younger generation of architectural designers achieve their full potential. It is through initiatives within the apprenticeship scheme that make room for well-rounded education and professional development so that junior staff can further their architectural qualifications.