We are delighted to announce that our recent proposal for Davidson House, in Reading, has been granted planning permission by Reading Borough Council.

Our proposal looks to improve and re-invigorate the entrances and passageway through the building, whilst also animating the façade.

Access into Davidson House is via two entrances on either side of the building. One on Forbury Square, the other on Abbey Square. Both entrances lack visibility and do not offer any protection to the users against adverse weather conditions. A dark and gloomy passageway through the building connects both entrances and acts as the main access route through the building.

Our primary focus has been on re-defining the entrances. New metal and timber double height portal canopies will add visual interest to the entry points of the building offering a focus to the passageway beyond.

Along the passageway the design introduces timber slats on the soffit and a diffused lighting system along its length. These create a warm and more comfortable route through the building. The use of warmer materials lifts the atmosphere within these areas, creating a more welcoming transition through the building. New signage, on the Forbury Square side provides the building with a distinctive brand identity.

To help connect the exterior with the new interiors a new landscape strategy looks to introduce warm coloured paving from Forbury Square, right through to reception and the Abbey Square entrance. This helps draw visitors into the building whilst also creating a distinctive feel to the communal parts.

New glazed facades are proposed either side of the Abbey Square passageway on the lower ground elevation. To further enhance the southern side of the building a change in use has been proposed, from B1 (a) Offices to D2 Assembly and Leisure.

Improving the facilities within the building was important to ensure the health and wellbeing of occupiers. Currently the building lacks cycle storage or associated facilities. Our proposal looks to address this by installing 60 cycle storage spaces, alongside showers, lockers and changing facilities. These facilities aim to encourage cycling and diminish the use of private vehicles.

Reading town centre boasts some of the most exciting office space in the entire Thames Valley Region. Through these alterations and enhancements Davidson House will continue to compete in this highly competitive commercial office market.