The Charter Building has undergone a huge transformation. Originally a tired 1980s office building – once home to Coca Cola UK – it has been significantly refurbished to create a modern, vibrant workspace.

The building, which reached practical completion in December 2016 and launched to the market in January 2017, comprises 240,000sq ft of high specification, contemporary workspace and provides a new home to a community of local, national and global businesses.

Our aim was to create a workspace that fosters collaboration, co-working and creativity; bringing an entirely new offer to Uxbridge.

A key design decision was the introduction of a 100-metre long ‘street’ running the length of the building from the northern to southern entrance. This space acts as a dynamic breakout area, encouraging serendipitous encounters, enabling occupiers to meet clients, brainstorm with colleagues, or simply refocus outside their main office setting.

At the centre is a spectacular five-storey atrium, which was once an under-used, overgrown courtyard, now acts as a central space for informal meetings and community events. A sky-light provides natural light to the office floors that look into it from above. ‘Pop out’ boxes cantilever at differing heights providing interest, whilst also helping reduce noise reverberation from below.

Creating intrigue along the length of the street was one of the most significant challenges, achieved by varying the ceiling heights along its length. The changing height– sometimes single-storey, sometimes three-storey and soaring to five storeys at the central atrium – is inspired by the architectural concept of serial vision. This has ensured that both amenity and interest have been created, from warm, more intimate spaces to the large, dramatic central atrium.

The selection of furniture and fittings was very important in creating a community. The final look intentionally resembles more a hotel lobby than a corporate office, providing the client with a beautifully designed space that has already attracted high-calibre companies to the area.

An innovative approach to the use of materials was also encouraged; a broad palette of finishes have been selected, which engender a feeling of quality, warmth, dynamism and sustainability.