We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Thames Tower has won a BCO Regional Award in the Refurbished / Recycled Workplace category and Apex has won ‘Best In-town Office of the Year’ at Thames Valley Property Awards, all in the same week!



Thames Tower

The centre of Reading, in the heart of the beating commuter central square, Thames Tower announces itself, a vibrant, symmetrical, terracotta giant.  Taking Louis Sullivan’s Guaranty Building in Buffalo, New York – one of the world’s first skyscrapers – as inspiration, the pioneering refurbishment has created a new award-winning landmark for Reading.

The transformation has been remarkable. From a weary, obsolete 1980s office block it has been reinvigorated into an innovative, vibrant, contemporary workplace, attracting progressive companies looking for uplifting and thought-provoking premises.

With a five-storey steel framed extension, an enlarged footprint on each floor and a stunning re-cladding in terracotta, the dark red hue of which takes cues from the surrounding Victorian brick buildings, the tower is certainly turning heads.

To date, Thames Tower is giving the Reading office market a new impetus as it’s enjoying a quick uptake of rental income and an inordinately positive reception, with one newspaper claiming it has put Reading ‘back on the map’.

The collaboration between Landid Property, Brockton Capital, B&K Contractor and dn-a architecture in the creation of Thames Tower has been described by dn-a directors, Jai Sanghera and Stuart McLarty, as being a crucial and pivotal factor in achieving its ultimate success.

This has been a phenomenal team effort with so many people involved in the creation of such an incredible building. A huge thanks to everyone involved in the project!
















Connected to the Reading railway station via an ‘umbilical’ bridge link, Apex has undergone extensive refurbishment to give it that contemporary, collaborative feel it deserves.

We were particularly thrilled to be involved in revamping and extending the western entrance, along with the cavernous atrium, giving it what one prospective occupier described as the ‘Google vibe’. We were able to unlock the abundant potential of this iconic 1970s office building by opening up the reception area into a welcoming, airy space, fitted-out with lively meeting areas.

The refurbishment has been tremendously well received by the building’s tenants as the dramatic transformation not only includes a new reception, entrance and rejuvenated atrium but also new retail units, giving the office active frontage thereby engaging with the busy Reading streetscape.

Overall this addition has added sought-after value to a workplace occupied by high profile tenants in an increasingly desirable Reading office market.

A massive congratulations to L&G, dn-a architects and all of the wider team involved in winning the best in-town office of the year award! It’s certainly a well-deserved win and we’re humbled to receive recognition for its success.


Apex Plaza / The Apex Western Entrance Reception Apex Plaza / The Apex Western Entrance Reception