We are very pleased to announce that South Bucks District Council has granted us planning permission for our new ecologically conscious amenity building in the heart of Uxbridge Business Park, on behalf of Arlington Portfolio Management Co. Ltd.

Situated in fifty acres of park land, the Uxbridge pavilion will provide the five office buildings with a central hub for tenants to enjoy the natural setting, whilst providing an important space for occupants to meet, work away from their desks and achieve a crucial work-life balance.

Dan Williams, Development Director at Arlington, has stated that “this is great news for Uxbridge Business Park, and is a big step on the journey for us to provide a complete work environment – we are well regarded for ensuring the highest consistent quality, helped by our single ownership of the Park, and this new amenity project is a clear signal of our dedication to creating the very best business communities for our customers. A big thank you to dn-a and the rest of the design team in helping us deliver our aspirations at Uxbridge.”

uxbridge pavilion site plan map business park ecological wellbeing office amenity cafe timber glass terrace outside seatingThe primary design approach was to craft a building that embraces the surrounding environment whilst reinvigorating its natural setting. The sustainable bamboo fins compliment the location and filter views from the building, similar to how the trees along the River Sands filter views and light through them. The quantum of glazing assists in reflecting the surrounding green environment, blurring the boundary between the interior and exterior space. The use of a sedum green roof boosts biodiversity, whilst replacing the green area displaced by the building’s footprint.

The ‘plectrum’ shaped building is arranged around a central serving core, enabling ample daylight and controlled ventilation to the occupied space, resulting in a lightweight appearance. The scheme offers a café, flexible studio space, meeting spaces and office provisions transforming the business park’s amenity offer.  The large glazed wall of the south façade embraces the outstanding views of the flora, fauna and River Sands; a perfect landscape and pavilion symbiosis.

The landscaping echoes the riparian character of the River Sands, bringing movement and year-round colour throughout the space. The widened and re-aligned footpath, that runs to the site, generates a meandering route through undulating lawn mounds and groups of birch trees with curved arrays of grasses and colourful perennials. To promote the establishment of aquatic and marginal species, the canopies of the trees, that line the river, are to be lifted and some of the dense shrubs removed, to further enhance the views to the water from the café.

The terrace to the west side of the pavilion provides outside seating in a sunny riverside location set amongst ornamental grasses. The long timber-topped curved bench creates an edge to this terrace area, with the sloping lawns behind, allowing for a more informal place to sit, meet and relax.

uxbridge pavilion site plan map business park ecological wellbeing office amenity

Commenting on the scheme, Jai Sanghera, Chairman of dn-a, has said “another great scheme for dn-a’s portfolio, where not only the shape, but the design of the pavilion has been informed by the synergy between the landscape setting and movement patterns, resulting in a form that fits seamlessly within its environment, and one that addresses the much needed work-life balance of today’s multi-generational workforce”.

We look forward to beginning construction in Q4 2018 and will complete the scheme in Q2 of 2019. Thank you to our clients Arlington for their close collaboration in the realisation of this fantastic project.