dn-a were tasked with re-imagining and extending 255 High Street, a dated and under-used 1960s office building in Guildford town centre.

The key architectural ethos is to rationalise the floorplates, making the building more efficient. In addition to this, a further two storeys will be added, which will increase the total floorspace from approximately 32,300 sq ft to 52,700 sq ft.

The original filigree pre-cast concrete mullions are to be retained and repaired where necessary. Within the elegant and simple grid, aperture sizes will be maximised and existing sash windows and spandrel panels replaced with high performance glazed units.

At ground level, the retail units will be upgraded, creating greater animation at this level and a new portal entrance will significantly improve the building’s street presence.

Internally the floors will be stripped back to the soffit, creating additional height and volume for prospective tenants. External terraces on the first, fifth and roof will further add to the appeal and vibrancy of the building.

LocationGuildford, UKYear2016 - 2019ClientBeltane Asset ManagementCostUnspecifiedArea5,179 sq m / 55,743 sq ft (GEA)